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Rose Cookies

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Swagruha Food, where tradition meets innovation in the form of our Rose Cookies. Exclusively available on our e-commerce platform, these delicate confections are a testament to our commitment to delivering both taste and elegance in every bite.

Rose Cookies are a delightful blend of tradition and modern indulgence. Each cookie is meticulously crafted to achieve a unique, intricate shape that mirrors the beauty of a blooming rose. The infusion of rose essence adds a fragrant note, creating a sensorial experience that transcends ordinary snacking.

At Swagruha Food, we prioritize both taste and nutrition. Our Rose Cookies are made from high-quality ingredients, ensuring a delectable treat with a hint of health. The base of these cookies incorporates whole wheat flour, providing fiber and essential nutrients. The addition of pure ghee adds a touch of richness and healthy fats, making these cookies a guilt-free pleasure.

Beyond their delightful taste, Rose Cookies carry the subtle health benefits of rose essence. Roses are known for their antioxidant properties and potential anti-inflammatory effects, contributing a touch of wellness to your snacking experience.

Whether you’re seeking a unique gift or a delightful treat for yourself, Rose Cookies from Swagruha Food are a perfect choice. Elevate your tea-time ritual or share these intricately shaped delights with friends and family. Order now on our e-commerce platform and embark on a journey of flavor, elegance, and a touch of nutritional goodness with Swagruha Food’s Rose Cookies.

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