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"Empowering Women, Transforming Futures"

At Srinus we are committed to more than just providing exceptional products/services; we’re dedicated to empowering women and transforming lives. Through our business, we strive to create opportunities, foster leadership, and promote equality. Join us in our journey to uplift and empower women, because when women succeed, communities thrive. Together, let’s make a difference and build a more inclusive and equitable world.

Handmade Art

Arts & Handicraft

Handmade Blue pottery available


Manures & Compost

Manures and fertilizers for the plants


Plants Stands

Stands for plants for better placements



Our Valuable Customers Reviews

"Srinus is my go-to destination for a flavor-packed experience! Their sweets are pure indulgence, with each bite taking me on a journey of taste. And the pickles? They've mastered the art of balancing spice and tanginess. A must-try for anyone who loves variety in their snacks!"
Rajesh Mehta
"I've tried both the sweets and snacks from Srinus, and I'm genuinely impressed! The sweets are a symphony of sweetness, and the snacks are a delicious assortment of textures and spices. The papads are crispy perfection, and the pickles add an extra punch to every meal. Srinus has won me over with their diverse and mouthwatering offerings!"
Surya Reddy
I'm absolutely hooked on the delightful treats from Srinus! The sweets are a heavenly blend of flavors, and the snacks are an irresistible crunch fest. And don't get me started on their pickles – a burst of tangy goodness! This place is a flavor haven for anyone with a sweet or savory tooth!"​
Vishal Kumar